Park Place Assisted Living

Assistance to Maintain Independence

Park Place is a 12-unit assisted living apartment complex. These apartments are available for anyone 55 years of age or older who is able to care for themselves with minimal assistance. There is an a la carte menu of services for tenants who need a little additional help but who are not ready to enter a skilled nursing home facility.
Spacious two bedroom apartments with full kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The apartments are ADA accessible with no steps or steep inclines. While some tenants may require extra help many are able to maintain complete independence. Each apartment has its own front door to the main corridors and the facility has its own entrance on the street. Parking stalls in our garage are available.
For peace of mind there are call lights installed in the bathroom as well as the master bedroom. These call lights are linked directly to the Griggs County Care Center’s Nurses Station. This means help is available 24-hours a day. Staff is available to serve breakfast and lunch to the tenants and is available for other needs.

For more information contact Deb Eslinger at 797-2647

or speak with

Cia Gronneberg, LSW-Social Services  797-2221 ext. 7167.