Griggs County Care Center


Joyology replaces the work Activity at Griggs County Care Center. Through a comprehensive assessment we are able to determine how the optimal level of Joy can be injected in to each residents day. We practice “person centered care” which allows us to tailor to each unique individuals preferences, values, and needs. Some residents delight in large social group activities, while others prefer the solitude of their individual rooms. Did you know that if a resident enjoyed a beer or wine at 4:00 pm everyday prior to choosing GCCC as their home then we do all we can to ensure that continues? Our Joyology team “get” to share precious moments providing optimal-joy to those we “get” to share home with.

The joyology staff are trained to provide optimal joy to the residents who have a diagnosis of dementia. Their activity needs are unique with many of them responding positively to sensory and musical activities. We use scent, touch, hearing, and taste to stimulate memories and ensure everyone feels cared for. Dementia can be a lonely disease, we use joy to combat loneliness.

One to One Care and Attention

Meeting the residents needs

We visit residents in their rooms or in common areas providing one to one visits when a resident prefers not to participate in group activites. Joy doesn’t mean many people have to be present. Joy comes from being noticed, accepted, respected, and a knowing that “I am loved and purposed.” It is our purpose to show this to our residents.

Spiritual Needs

Spiritual needs are just as important as the physical

Our Joyology team ensures the spiritual needs of every resident being met. We set up pastoral visits, provide room for various denominations to meet, schedule monthly Eucharist, and weekly Protestant Services every Sunday at 3:00 pm. As the diversity of our facility changes, all spiritual preferences will remain met.

Programming for Women

Women like to be pampered

Glamour time is all the rage among the female residents at GCCC! The beauty shop is a gathering place for pampering. The men get to enjoy Barbershop, and the women get Beauty Shop! The ladies delight in having their nails painted while being pampered by our staff of hair stylists. By having the Beauty Shop in the Care Center we are able to provide our residents with the same comforts and routines they were used to prior to entering the Care Center.

Programming for Men

Men enjoy having a goal or task at hand

Men socialize differently than women; we provide them with their own programming. Joyology programming suited specifically for the men who choose our facility include activities such as Tool Time, Barber Shop, Van Rides to local farm land, Men’s Luncheons at cafes in surrounding communities, Birdhouse Building, and Men’s Discussion group. This allows men to socialize in their own unique way.

Social Joyology Gatherings

Allowing residents to have a community

Many of our residents have had the joy of knowing each other, but some are newer to the community. By having social gatherings we are able to create our own micro-community within the Care Center. Joyology programming for those who enjoy social gatherings include, special music concerts, BINGO, Crafting Corner, Coffee Shop, Rhythm Band, Trivia, Game Time, Trying out Technology, Learn-a-Language, and so much more! Visit our monthly calendar to see whats going on this month!