Cooperstown Medical Center Foundation


Cooperstown Medical Center Foundation exists for the sole purpose of supporting Cooperstown Medical Center and Griggs County Care Center.

Funds are used to upgrade and maintain equipment, ensure adequately trained staff and create a reserve fund for Cooperstown Medical Center and the Griggs County Care Center. CMC is comprised of three healthcare aspects under one roof; a Rural Health Clinic, 12-unit Assisted Living Facility and an 18-bed Critical Access Hospital. Adjoining CMC is the Griggs County Care Center which is a 48-bed Skilled Nursing Facility (Nursing Home).


Cooperstown Medical Center strives to offer the best care available throughout Griggs County and surrounding communities. Patient fees alone do not cover the cost of the care we provide or allow us to maintain and improve our services. As a nonprofit health system, we must rely on partnerships with friends and neighbors to maintain and improve our services.

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