Diabetes Education

Janel Getz, RD, LRD, CDE
(701) 797- 2221 ext 7123
Available Thursdays

Our program can provide information about the following topics:
  • What is diabetes?
  • Nutritional management
  • Diabetes medications
  • Monitoring your blood glucose
  • Lifestyle changes to improve your long-range health
  • Manage diabetes day by day
  • Emotional health and diabetes
  • Diabetes & pregnancy
  • Community resources
  • Personal strategies for managing diabetes

Individual Consults

All initial education visits are provided on a one-to one basis. To maximize your learning experience it is recommended that you make appointments with both the LRD and RN. Follow-up visits are also available individually. Visits are usually an hour each, but can be adjusted as needed.

Group Education

Group education is available, and may be suggested to you after your initial visit. Group education often works as a support system for people who attend.

Educational Resources

Materials and equipment will be provided for you to take home that will be a continued source of educational development and self-management support.

American Diabetes Association

Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and other health insurance carriers cover diabetes education and medical nutrition therapy. Check your policy for specific details.